1st Grade Jeffreys Cup Premiers


 Hills Captured the McLean Cup with a thrilling 29-27 win over Bankstown who were unbeaten before the season decider.

Although the final margin was just 2 points, the reality was that Hills always had controller the game.  They lead 17-0 at half-time and extended that to 24-0 as they kept the ball from their bigger opponents.

It was the 8th game in a row we had to win and we'd been really walking the tighrope for a lot for the season, coach Craig Brinnand said.





1st Grade - by the Ghostwriter


  • All hail Coach Brinnand,
  • The Mclean Cup in now in our hands,
  • This a tale of underdog true,
  • It will lift you clean out of the Stands.
  • It's a tale of courage, heroics & glee,
  • As well as tale of woe,
  • To hear it I have to first set the scene,
  • Of how they had to win eight in a row.
  • The season started badly, first with a loss,
  • And then two byes back to back,
  • An easy win over Canterbury for sure,
  • They brought one side to play 3 on our track.
  • We lost to Merrylands, and on our ground,
  • Then defeated Oatley when we played away,
  • We beat Hawkesbury and Uni when they came to town,
  • But Fairvale won when we met in May.
  • Mix results, as you see, they weren't the right start,
  • We won one start from just our next four,
  • Then we set us our goal for not losing a game,
  • We beat Oatley by two then a draw.
  • We beat Fairvale by one, with a try on the bell,
  • the Rugby God smiled on us a last,
  • Uni and Balkehurst, didn't offer much fight,
  • And our spot in the semi's was cast.
  • The rest as they say is now in the books,
  • But a loss would've killed the grand plan,
  • A loss wasn't part of this teams vocab,
  • Let me tell you 'bout them man by man.
  • Big Kevvy and Cashew, spent time in the two's,
  • And picked up their game by a mile.
  • Shawn Howell had to rake, when the season was late,
  • You could  tell if we won by his smile.
  • Big Jimmy, you know that his man is all heart,
  • And Hoges and Choc never fail,
  • Mark Edwards never seems to have a bad game,
  • Even if he's been out on the ale.
  • Now the special ingredient in this forward mix,
  • It should stand out a country mile.
  • We know his as Misery, he's the skipper of course,
  • And he leads with aplomb and with style.
  • When the balls gets through the powerful scrum,
  • And Abe had the thing in his hands,
  • You can just stand in awe, and marvel at his talents
  • As he raises the roof off the stands.
  • When Cement truck winds up, that's Morgan of course,
  • He flattens deferenders who as left in his wake,
  • And what about Bundy, on his way to the line,
  • or his defence that's just to good to break.
  • See Roscoe Deacon, see him in full flight,
  • As he motors his way to the line.
  • You head the defenders say "Dreadlocks is yours".
  • They never say "I'll get him - mine !"
  • Then there's Ross Wilkinson, out on the wing,
  • One hundred plus kilos in frame,
  • And "Bob" at the back, barking who's go who,
  • And keeping his spin in the game.
  • Adam Eather must feel unlucky as well,
  • Inury not letting him play,
  • But rest assured, young Adam, your still part of the squad
  • That ran out on Grand Final Day.
  • One more player I have to mention as well,
  • Before I give my final wrap.
  • Is Darryl Peace, who's pace is on fire,
  • Just see him run right through the gap.
  • We should thank these boy's for starting a trend,
  • And keeping the dream alive,
  • We'll get more than one flag next year, mark my word,
  • We will get four in 2005.
  • These boy's have shown we can acheive what we like,
  • If we put our minds on the right track,
  • So come one and all and jump right on board,
  • The Hills expresees that is pure Red and Black.



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